Tasi Ka Bloom Rosato 2021

Tasi Ka Bloom Rosato 2021

Tasi Ka Bloom Rosato 2021

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Organic Viticulture at Tasi Winery: The Tasi Ka Bloom Rosato 2021 is a product of Tasi Winery's strong commitment to organic viticulture, reflecting a dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Tasi Winery embraces organic farming practices, ensuring that no synthetic chemicals or pesticides are used in their vineyards. This approach not only respects the health of the land and the ecosystem but also allows for the production of wines that are true expressions of their terroir. The winery's organic credentials are a testament to their philosophy that great wines are born from healthy, vibrant vineyards.

Appearance: The Rosato displays a beautiful salmon-pink hue, typical of a well-crafted rosé.

Aroma: A delightful array of aromas greets the nose, featuring notes of ripe strawberries, red cherries, and a hint of floral undertones, adding to its aromatic allure.

Palate: On tasting, the wine reveals a refreshing and light palate. It offers flavours of red berries, a touch of citrus, and a subtle herbal note. The wine is well-balanced, with a crisp acidity that makes it both invigorating and easy to drink.

Food Pairings:

  1. Fried Crispy Chicken with Smoky Thyme Coat, Parsley, Dried Shallots, and Ponzu Dressing: The Rosato’s freshness and fruitiness will complement the savory and smoky flavours of the chicken, providing a refreshing contrast.

  2. Patatas Bravas with Harissa, Chives, Parsley, and Garlic Emulsion: The wine's crisp acidity and berry notes will offer a delightful counterbalance to the spiciness and richness of the patatas bravas, enhancing the overall flavours of the dish.

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Tasting notes from our sommeliers:

Scents of strawberries and raspberries. A subtle addition of citrus zest adds complexity.

Country: Italy | Region: Veneto

Winemaker: Tasi | Vintage: 2021

Style: Rosé/Orange | Variety: Rose

Primary Flavours: Red fruit, Strawberry, and Citrus zest

Acidity: 4.0 | Sweetness: 1.0 | Tannin: 1.0 | Body: 1.5 | Alcohol: 2.0

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