Ten Minutes by Tractor 'Judd' Pinot Noir 2021

Ten Minutes by Tractor &

Ten Minutes by Tractor 'Judd' Pinot Noir 2021

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Ten Minutes by Tractor's Winemaking Philosophy: Ten Minutes by Tractor, located in the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria, Australia, is renowned for its meticulous approach to creating exceptional Pinot Noir. The winery's name, derived from the time it takes to tractor between its three main vineyards, reflects its deep connection to the land. They emphasize small-lot, precision winemaking, capturing the nuanced differences of each site. Their wines, including the 'Judd' Pinot Noir, are a testament to the winery's dedication to showcasing the distinct terroir of the Mornington Peninsula.

The 2021 'Judd' Vineyard Influence: The 'Judd' Pinot Noir 2021 is sourced from a specific vineyard parcel known for its unique microclimate and soil composition, contributing to the distinctive character of the wine. The Mornington Peninsula's cool maritime climate plays a crucial role, providing ideal conditions for Pinot Noir, with a long ripening period that fosters the development of complex flavors and a balanced acidity. This vintage exhibits the elegance, depth, and subtlety that are characteristic of the region's Pinot Noir.

Appearance: Presents a deep, ruby-red color, indicating its rich and expressive nature.

Aroma: A vibrant bouquet of aromas emerges, featuring notes of ripe red and dark berries, such as cherries and plums, intertwined with hints of exotic spices, earthiness, and a delicate floral undertone.

Taste: On the palate, the wine reveals a sophisticated interplay of flavors. It showcases layers of dark fruit, complemented by nuances of spice, forest floor, and a subtle oak influence. The tannins are fine and well-integrated, contributing to a structured yet silky mouthfeel.

Finish: The finish is long and elegant, leaving a lasting impression of the wine's complex fruit profile and refined textural qualities.

Food Pairings:

  1. Pork Ravioli with Red Wine and Tomato Jus, Spinach, Pepita Seeds, Leek Hay, and Herb Verde: The 'Judd' Pinot Noir's nuanced flavors and smooth tannins will beautifully complement the savory richness of the pork, while its subtle earthy notes will harmonize with the dish's herbal elements.

  2. Charred Broccolini with Stracciatella, Smashed Almonds, and Olive Oil: The wine's balance of fruit and acidity will pair harmoniously with the charred, nutty flavors of the broccolini, while the creamy stracciatella will be complemented by the Pinot Noir's elegant structure.

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Tasting notes from our sommeliers:

Smooth, fruit forward, earthy strawberries, oak characters, savoury finish, great tannin structure.

Country: Australia | Region: Mornington Peninsula

Winemaker: Ten Minutes by Tractor | Vintage: 2021

Style: Red | Variety: Pinot Noir

Primary Flavours: Raspberry, Earth, and Oak

Acidity: 4.0 | Sweetness: 1.0 | Tannin: 2.0 | Body: 3.0 | Alcohol: 3.0

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