Dalrymple 'Ouse' Pinot Noir 2021

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Dalrymple 'Ouse' Pinot Noir 2021

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Dalrymple, situated in the acclaimed wine region of Tasmania, stands out for its dedication to producing premium Pinot Noir. The winery is recognized for its meticulous approach to viticulture and winemaking, ensuring each bottle reflects the distinctiveness of its terroir. Dalrymple's philosophy intertwines traditional practices with modern innovation, crafting wines that are celebrated for their complexity, elegance, and true expression of the Tasmanian terroir.

The 'Ouse' Pinot Noir 2021 is a product of the unique climate and soil conditions of the Ouse region in Tasmania's Central Highlands. The Ouse area is an emerging and distinctive wine-producing region, gaining recognition for its remarkable Pinot Noirs. Characterized by its cool climate, the region is ideal for cultivating Pinot Noir grapes, which thrive in these conditions, allowing for a slow and even ripening process. This results in wines that are well-balanced, with a natural acidity and depth of flavor.

Tasmanian Pinot Noirs, particularly those from the Ouse area, are noted for their elegance and subtlety. The cool temperatures contribute to a more prolonged growing season, which imparts these wines with complex flavor profiles. Typical characteristics include bright red fruit flavors like cherry and raspberry, often complemented by notes of spice and earthiness. The wines tend to have a refined structure, with silky tannins and a lingering finish, reflecting the pristine environment in which the grapes are grown.

The region's terroir, combined with Dalrymple's expert winemaking, contributes to a wine that beautifully encapsulates the essence of both its varietal and regional characteristics.

Wine: Dalrymple 'Ouse' Pinot Noir 2021

Appearance: This wine displays a vibrant ruby red color, suggesting its lively and expressive nature.

Aroma: The nose is greeted with an enticing array of aromas, including ripe red berries, cherries, and a touch of earthiness, complemented by subtle hints of oak and spice.

Taste: On the palate, the 'Ouse' Pinot Noir reveals a symphony of red fruit flavors, such as raspberry and cherry, interlaced with nuances of spice and a delicate earthy quality. The wine's fine tannins and balanced acidity contribute to its elegant structure and depth.

Finish: The finish is long and graceful, leaving a lasting impression of the wine's refined fruitiness and subtle complexity.

Food Pairings:

  1. Charred Broccolini with Stracciatella, Smashed Almonds, and Olive Oil: The wine's earthy and fruity notes will harmonize with the charred flavors of the broccolini, while the creamy stracciatella will be complemented by the Pinot Noir's smooth texture.

  2. Cape Grim Steak Tartare with Spiced Egg Emulsion, Mung Sprouts, Baby Caper, and Yolk: The vibrant acidity and berry flavors of the Pinot Noir will beautifully balance the richness of the steak tartare, enhancing the dish's overall flavor profile.

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Tasting notes from our sommeliers:

An easy-drinking, well balanced Pinot with soft tannins, integrated acidity and a long finish.

Country: Australia | Region: Tasmania

Winemaker: Peter Caldwell | Vintage: 2021

Style: Red | Variety: Pinot Noir

Primary Flavours: Strawberry, Raspberry, Coffee, and Cocoa

Acidity: 3.0 | Sweetness: 2.0 | Tannin: 2.0 | Body: 3.0 | Alcohol: 3.0

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