Fontanafredda Vigna La Rosa Barolo 2011

Fontanafredda Vigna La Rosa Barolo 2011

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In the realm of Barolo, where history and artistry converge, the Fontanafredda Vigna La Rosa Barolo 2011 emerges as a profound masterpiece. Before we delve into the intricate details of this wine, let's embark on a journey to understand the rich tapestry of Barolo's heritage and how it gracefully unfolds in this remarkable 2011 vintage.

Barolo's Enchanting Legacy: Barolo, renowned as the "King of Italian Wines," finds its roots in the captivating terroir of Piedmont, Italy. Here, Nebbiolo reigns supreme, crafting wines that echo centuries of tradition and terroir expression. Barolo's diverse landscape, with its varying microclimates and soils, contributes to the wine's intricate flavor profile. The 2011 vintage, celebrated for its harmonious balance, adds a layer of timeless elegance to this noble heritage.

Tasting Note - Fontanafredda Vigna La Rosa Barolo 2011:

Appearance: In the glass, the Fontanafredda Vigna La Rosa Barolo 2011 reveals a beguiling garnet robe, a testament to its maturity and sophistication.

Aroma: On the nose, this Barolo entices with a captivating bouquet of red fruit, florals, and nuanced intricacies. Ripe cherries, dried roses, and violets intertwine with hints of leather, tar, and a delicate touch of spice.

Taste: The palate embarks on a profound journey through Barolo's legacy and the distinguished 2011 vintage. Layers of red fruit, including succulent raspberries and cranberries, grace the palate, delivering a harmonious and structured character. The wine's velvety tannins and balanced acidity create an enduring and elegant equilibrium.

Finish: The finish is a testament to Barolo's grandeur, leaving behind a lingering essence of red berries, tobacco, and a subtle whisper of earthiness.

Food Pairing:

  1. Black Barley with Asparagus, Honey Pecan, and Goat's Cheese (Wineology): Elevate your dining experience by pairing the Fontanafredda Vigna La Rosa Barolo 2011 with black barley from Wineology, featuring asparagus, honey pecan, and goat's cheese. The wine's vibrant acidity harmonizes beautifully with the dish's complex flavors, resulting in a delightful pairing.

  2. Cape Grim Steak Tartare with Spiced Egg Emulsion (Wineology): Embrace the wine's versatility with Cape Grim steak tartare from Wineology, served with spiced egg emulsion. The Barolo's structure complements the dish's richness, creating an unforgettable combination.

Indulge in the Fontanafredda Vigna La Rosa Barolo 2011, a wine that captures the essence of Barolo's heritage and the elegance of the 2011 vintage, while savoring the culinary offerings of Wineology.

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Tasting notes from our sommeliers:

Ruby, red and black berries, mint, forest floor. Dense, velvety tannins and succulent.

Country: Italy | Region: Piedmont

Winemaker: Fontanafredda | Vintage: 2011

Style: Red | Variety: Nebbiolo

Primary Flavours: Leather, Tobacco, and Cherry

Acidity: 4.0 | Sweetness: 1.0 | Tannin: 4.0 | Body: 4.0 | Alcohol: 3.0

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