Greywacke Archive Release Pinot Noir 2012

Greywacke Archive Release Pinot Noir 2012

Greywacke Archive Release Pinot Noir 2012

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Marlborough, New Zealand, known predominantly for its Sauvignon Blanc, has also emerged as an exciting region for Pinot Noir production. With its diverse microclimates and terroir, Marlborough offers a unique twist on this noble grape variety. The Greywacke Archive Release Pinot Noir 2012 showcases the region's potential, delivering a glimpse into the captivating world of Marlborough Pinot Noir. As we explore this wine, we'll delve into the essence of Marlborough's Pinot Noirs and pair it with dishes that complement its character.

Appearance: In the glass, the Greywacke Archive Release Pinot Noir 2012 exhibits a captivating ruby-red hue, inviting anticipation of its depth and complexity.

Aroma: On the nose, this Pinot Noir unfolds an intricate bouquet of red fruits. Ripe red cherries, cranberries, and subtle notes of dried rose petals take center stage, complemented by hints of forest floor and a touch of baking spices.

Taste: The palate is a harmonious expression of Marlborough's terroir. Vibrant red fruit flavors, including succulent raspberries and strawberries, dance on the palate, delivering a refreshing juiciness. A delicate earthiness, reminiscent of forest underbrush and a subtle touch of oak, adds layers of depth and intrigue.

Finish: The finish is gracefully smooth, with well-integrated tannins that linger on the palate. It leaves behind a trail of red fruit and a touch of warm spices, a testament to the wine's finesse and balance.

Food Pairing:

  1. Pork Ravioli with Red Wine and Tomato Jus: The Greywacke Archive Release Pinot Noir 2012 beautifully complements the savory richness of pork ravioli infused with red wine and tomato jus. The wine's bright red fruit notes enhance the dish's flavors, creating a memorable pairing.

  2. Tomato with Stracciatella and Basil: Embrace the simplicity of tomato with stracciatella and basil, allowing the wine's fresh red fruit character to harmonize with this dish's vibrant flavors. The wine's acidity complements the tomato's natural acidity, elevating the experience.

The Greywacke Archive Release Pinot Noir 2012 represents Marlborough's ability to craft distinctive Pinot Noirs, capturing the region's essence in every sip and harmonizing delightfully with Wineology's culinary offerings.

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Tasting notes from our sommeliers:

A singular Pinot Noir. High acid, low tannin, light body, dry, balanced, intense.

Country: New Zealand | Region: Marlborough

Winemaker: Greywacke | Vintage: 2012

Style: Red | Variety: Pinot Noir

Primary Flavours: Cherry, Clove, and Earth

Acidity: 4.0 | Sweetness: 1.0 | Tannin: 2.0 | Body: 2.0 | Alcohol: 3.0

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