Dutschke Oscar Semmler Shiraz 2018

Dutschke Oscar Semmler Shiraz 2018

Dutschke Oscar Semmler Shiraz 2018

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Embrace the essence of Australian Shiraz with the 2018 Dutschke Oscar Semmler Shiraz, a wine that harmoniously blends tradition and modernity to create a profile of bold and refined flavors. This exceptional Shiraz honors the legacy of Oscar Semmler, a key figure in the Barossa Valley's wine history, and stands as a testament to Dutschke Wines' commitment to excellence.

Dutschke's Legacy in Barossa Valley: Dutschke Wines, with its rich history in the Barossa Valley, is renowned for producing high-quality Shiraz. Their wines are a reflection of the unique characteristics of the region’s terroir, embodying the essence of the vineyard’s distinct environment.

Tasting Note:

  • Appearance: The Shiraz shows an intense ruby color, indicative of its depth.
  • Aroma: Enticing aromas of dark fruit, such as blackberry and plum, are complemented by undertones of warm spices and a touch of leather and oak.
  • Taste: On the palate, it offers a symphony of dark fruit flavors, supported by a well-structured tannin profile and a hint of minerality.
  • Finish: The finish is robust and persistent, leaving behind a memorable impression of complexity and elegance.

Food Pairing:

  • Pork Ravioli with Red Wine and Tomato Jus (Wineology): The wine's robust profile pairs seamlessly with the richness of the pork and the depth of the tomato jus.
  • Burnt Maple Lamb Ribs (Wineology): The smoky notes of the lamb ribs are beautifully complemented by the wine's dark fruit flavors and subtle oak nuances.

The 2018 Dutschke Oscar Semmler Shiraz is a celebration of Barossa Valley's winemaking heritage, offering a perfect accompaniment to the culinary delights at Wineology, and reflecting the excellence and passion of Dutschke Wines.

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Tasting notes from our sommeliers:

Smooth black fruits, good tannin structure with coffee and chocolate tones. Dried cherry and pepper.

Country: Australia | Region: Barossa Valley

Winemaker: Dutschke | Vintage: 2018

Style: Red | Variety: Shiraz

Primary Flavours: Chocolate, Tobacco, and Black Fruit

Acidity: 3.0 | Sweetness: 3.0 | Tannin: 3.0 | Body: 5.0 | Alcohol: 3.0

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